It is the second week of the Outlander read-a-long! Guess what?! I’ve finished it already!!! And yes, I did love it. I might be the only one who read ahead so far…at least by what I’ve seen on Twitter. That’s okay with me…I finally tackled and finished Outlander. I am proud of myself.

1.  Claire has been given the task of healer at the castle. She must adapt her nursing skills for the time and learn what herbs and etc will cure each particular ailment that is presented to her. Do you have any home remedies that were passed down to you (cure for a cold, bee sting or what have you)?

My mom would always make me gargle salt water when I had a sore throat. I’m trying to come up with other ones…I know there were some…but I’m drawing a blank.

Since I can’t think of any home remedies past down to me, I will tell you one I use now. Whenever I get a headache, I use a cold rice sock out of my freezer to put across my eyes/forehead to help with my headache…it does wonders!

2. What do you think would be the biggest challenge of living in the past? (Clothing, hygiene, food, etiquette or etc.)

Indoor plumbing. I mentioned this in the last read-a-long I did as well…for Waterfall. I want my flushable toilet and toilet paper and hot showers thank you very much. Honest? I would struggle with pretty much everything. I want my internet, cell phone, clothes, and food…anything different from that would just suck.

3. Do you have a favorite character, scene or quote so far? If so, share it with us.

I’m struggling with the questions since I read so far ahead. I’m happy that I highlighted stuff on my Kindle :)

A favorite quote of mine so far:

“I had not slept with many men other than my husband, but I had noticed before that to sleep, actually sleep with someone did give the sense of intimacy, as though your dreams had flowed out of you to mingle with his and fold you both in a blanket of unconscious knowing. A throwback of some kind, I thought. In older, more primitive times, (like these? asked another part of my mind), it was an act of trust to sleep in the presence of another person. If the trust was mutual, simple sleep could bring you closer together than the joining of bodies.”-10% page 58 of 550 (no idea what exact chapter this is)

I will just come out and say it…Jamie is my favorite character. There. ;)

4. What did you think about the addition of the blood bond in the wedding ceremony? Is this something you would do with the one you love?

Ewww! The presence or sight of blood doesn’t freak me out. I just believe that a person’s blood is theirs and theirs only and that’s it. I won’t even go into my thoughts on donating blood and blood transfusions (this is supposed to be a fun discussion and that isn’t fun) Plus…diseases! Eeeekkk! Anyway…I would not do that with anyone I love, not even my children.

5. Are you reading along closely with the scheduled chapters or are you ahead or behind?

I am finished. Obviously that means I’m ahead. I am curious to see if any others are reading ahead…farther than chapter 15 that is. *wink, wink*

…I seriously think reading ahead is making my answers for this week sort of stink…oh well! It could be because I’m typing up my answers so last minute as well, my apologies.