The Importance Of Reading

With there being so many different devices and technologies available to the general public, reading, in general, has been put to the side. This is a blog that has been developed to create awareness of reading and its importance. The media industry recognizes the importance of reading to the point where they dedicate a good portion of their platforms to encouraging this. This blog promotes reading because what is learned from the content being read can have an impact on every individual's life no matter what the content is. Some forms of reading can be informative while other forms provide entertainment.

The Top Five Classic Books

26 Nov 2020

There are undoubtedly some books that need to be read at least once in a lifetime. These classics include The Catcher in the Rye, A Tale of Two Cities, The Color Purple, The Hobbit and The Outsiders. What sets these particular books apart is that they are suitable for teenagers.

The Most Popular Genres in Fiction

29 Oct 2020

There is undoubtedly no excuse for not being able to find a book you might enjoy, with there being such a vast range of genres to choose from. Some of the most popular genres in fiction include romance, science fiction, thrillers, young adult, horror and fantasy.

Treasured Memories from Childhood Books

17 Sep 2020

Most people can bring back happy memories when rediscovering a long-forgotten childhood book. It may be something as simple as reading a classic fairytale that filled you with wonder as a child. Or a thrilling adventure story that led you on a journey of discovery.